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My Teeth and Ambitions are Bared

Be Prepared

1 August 1990

NON, Merci!

J'ai Regrettes

I'm Dess. I'm 25 antisocial. love my cats more than anything. in college for integrated marketing communications. graduating in a few short months. ready to start my life. Leo. Depressive. In love. Celebrating 7 years in one month. I am a content writer and IMC student. I love to draw cartoons and I'm very good at it. I love books. I'm writing several great ideas. Which I will hopefully share here at some point. I'm a fangirl that my fandoms.

Random I've done a lot of things in my life. I've been to Europe, Asia, all over the US. I've lived life, I've loved, and I've become a stranger to who I used to be. As I continue to grow, I hope I continue to become a better person. But if not, I hope I become a person I can live with. I am in love, and if all else whispers across the void, know that for a fact.

Fandom Manga. Hana Kimi, Sailor Moon, xxxHolic, Tsubasa, Marmalade Boy, Yugi-oh. Blogging. Hispanic food. Slytherin. Lion King. SCAR. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Parks and Recreation. Teen Wolf. Scandal. How to get Away With Murder. ARROW. Flash. MARVEL. Young Justive. Dragon Age. X-Men. MASS EFFECT. Video Games. Bioware. The Last of Us. PC Master Race. Netflix. Spotify. Photoshop MANGA STUDIO. Reading. Sleeping. V For Vendetta.

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